The ubuntu day is a very important day in the lives of all humanity.


It is a day when humanity comes together to celebrate the oneness that exists in creation and between all races.


The African philosophy of Ubuntu binds all humanity together in oneness. Black, white, yellow, brown all find refuge under the banner of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on the principles of Celebration, Oneness, Love, Truth, Peace, and Happiness. It is only through Ubuntu that Africa and all its many cultures can unite in fruitful oneness, because Ubuntu transcends culture race tribe or creed. To celebrate this African heritage a day was selected, a day when all cultures, all religions can lay down their dogmas, ideas, ideologies and come together in the true spirit of Ubuntu i.e. Oneness.


God, human beings and all creation are essentially one, this is the very essence of Ubuntu: Oneness.



The aim of these celebrations is to raise awareness amongst the youth to the glory of Ubuntu. The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is more relevant today considering the many negative influences the youth of today encounter through music, internet, movies etc.



The annual Ubuntu day falls on the Tenth (10th) of October.


On this day celebrations are held; school children take part, eminent speakers and great musicians are invited with the sound of music and a festive atmosphere filling the air. The African philosophy of Ubuntu i.e. sharing what you have be it money, wisdom, time etc, is practised.


It is a day of compassion, a day of charity and celebration. It is an auspicious day of prayer for inner peace as well as for world peace. At 12noon on that auspicious day every participant should stop for a minute to contemplate/pray for inner peace and for those suffering from mental, emotional and physical pain.


Participants should donate in cash or kind to a charity of their choice. Charity is the best way to express love and free oneself from pride and greed indeed it is the best way to cultivate compassion. Join us in celebrating this auspicious day.