UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM are registered trademarks of Ubuntuism Brands (PTY).  Use of UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM as a means of designating source of apparel(clothing, footwear, headwear), accessories, entertainment, advertising, food or beverage items or related products and services is strictly forbidden. Using UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM as a stand-alone term on apparel, accessories, entertainment, advertising, food or beverage items or related products or services is a clear infringement of our rights.  There is no specific font that is required for the use to be a trademark infringement.  Use of these marks, in a way that indicates source of the goods or services or is used to draw the public’s attention to the goods or services, regardless of font, is prohibited. Furthermore, where use of UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM in a phrase is differentiated in font, color, size or other distinguishing factor in order to bring special attention to the term, that too is an infringement of our trademark rights. Although UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM are words from the English language, the fact that a phrase is used in the English language does not preclude it from acquiring trademark protection.  Indeed, many trademarks are words used in common speech, for example, Apple®. Apple® computers would have a claim of trademark infringement where someone used the phrase “it’s the apple of my eye” to sell computer products.  While many infringers believe using any English word in a phrase on their products is simply a “fair use” under the trademark laws, the fair use doctrine is rarely successful within the context of selling merchandise for profit. As applied to their protected goods and services, marks like  Apple® – such as UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM – are protected from use in commerce on goods or services under South African and international laws. Adding an “S”, pluralising, or changing the spelling of UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM does not avoid trademark infringement. Re-sale of genuine UbuntuismTM and OnenessTM products is permitted within the territory in which you purchased the item.

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